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Go kart GO!

My name is Andi, but I've taken on the title of Torak for the last 4 (wow I didn't realise it was so long ago..) years.

Sorry, I'm not actually a cat. I kinda wish I was, because how awesome would it be to be a cat? You'd just sleep, eat chase things all day. And be extremely cute and fluffy. I love my cat.

I decided to do a little video tour thingy of my house, showing different aspects of my life. It goes for about 5 minutes, hope it's not too long, and my appologies to those poor souls on dial up. I feel your pain. I could never forget the horror and frustraition of dial up... ANYWAY! I digress. I often do that.

Here's the tour!

Onto some basics:
Name: Andi/Andrea/Torak (most prefered)
Age: 18
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Orientation: Lesbian. VERY lesbian :P Quite butch. And I didn't realise my voice sounded that stupid!
Relationship Status: In love. Been with my girlfriend for 2 and a bit years

And some less basics:
Spelling: kinda bad
Addictions: Music, lemon squash, drumming
First girlcrush: Trinity from The Matrix, year 9. I was 14 and she was wearing those pants. *sigh*
All time most OMGZ I WANT YOUR BABIES drummer: Danny Carey of Tool. Ticks and Leeches, 46+2, Lateralus... god he's so GOOD!
All time most HATED I WANT TO SNAP YOUR DRUMSTICKS IN HALF drummer: Meg White. Most famous female drummer in the world and she's CRAP.
I'd go straight for: Matt Bellamy, singer, guitarist and genius of Muse. *dies*
Various problems: I'm mildly dyslexic. Also have asthma. That's a BITCH. Had pnoumonia twice, and still don't know how to spell it
Fandoms: I've got a lot. I'll list em
The Matrix (my very first)
Buffy (too many pairings to name. Although I oddly enjoy Dawn/Faith. *shrugs*)
Firefly (Kaylee/Inara yumminess :) )
Bad Girls (Seasons 1-3. Nikki/Helen)
South Of Nowhere (although I was SO disapointed with the 2nd season)
D.E.B.S. (good fun :D)
Daria (oh, the femslashy posibilities with Daria and Jane...)
Harry Potter (OMG BOOK 7 IS ONLY 65 DAYS AWAY!)
Imagine Me And You (teh cuteness)
Veronica Mars (Veronica/Mac. It's SO on.
I can't really remember any more right now
Bands I like that no one else seems to have heard of: Blue King Brown, The Herd, K's Choice
Internet browser: Firefox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tabbed browsing, baby!

When I knew I was gay…
I’ve always known I was different from other girls. I’ve ALWAYS been a tomboy. One of my first memories was me imagining going into kindergarten (pre-school) in a cool leather jacket with an electric guitar. Obviously, it never happened, but I always remember wanting to do that.

Fast forward about 10 years and I’m wondering why all my friends are checking out guys and I’m not. It took me a lot longer to actually be attracted to people than others, but that could be because the idea of finding a girl hot wasn’t as fueled by every day life as finding a guy hot. I mean, you don’t play “Wife and Wife” when you’re a kid, do you? Hm, maybe you do. That’d be cool!

Anyway, I start checking out Trinity from The Matrix and the woman from the Tic Tac ad, and thinking “hm..isn’t that interesting. That explains a lot.” But I still couldn’t really get up the courage to even admit to myself that I was gay. Closest I came for a long time was thinking I was bi. For some reason the fact that you have to like guys as well to be bi eluded me :P

Things really got weird when I started liking one of my best friends, Nabila. After a while, I told her, and she was fine with it. She helped me come out to our two other besties and we were all fine and dandy. Except that I still liked her. Lots. Might even be in love with her. Long story short, she started to like me too and after a lot of angst and teasing each other our mate Jess told us to shut the fuck up and get together already, because the tension was bugging her. 828 days later, we’re still together and our friends aren’t sick of us yet.

So what the hell are you doing with yourself now, slacker?
I AM NOT A SLACKER! Okay, so I kinda am since I’ve done nothing today, BUT! I’m a first photography student, which means I’ve got a SHITLOAD of work to do, but it’s so easy to sit on my ass. When I’m not at school, I’m working at Subway, making people sandwiches which don’t taste that great. Okay, so the peppercorn steak one does, but that’s about it.

If you wanna see my photography, go to my now kinda on hiatus/abandoned photojournal, toraks_shutter!!!!! I’ve got pretty much all of my best stuff up there, so give it a look.

The Awful Pictures

Me with newly blued hair for the Big Day Out festival where I saw Tool and Muse and generally had the best day of my whole LIFE.

Me after another haircut. I love getting my hair cut! It’s a kinda weird photo, but I don’t’ care.

My and my beautiful girlfriend Nabila

Me and my girlfriend and our besties, Jess and Gabby. Now the band Jam Factory Warning!

Stuff I wanna do one of these days...: Get a tattoo, get a lip piercing, update toraks_shutter, do some homework, travel somewhere, clean my room, get dressed, buy a supercool drum kit, watch last week's episode of Heroes, get accepted by Rainbow GoKarts!

It's been very nice to meet you all, hope you enjoyed meeting me!
PS. Sorry this is so long :S
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