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[go rainbow go!]

Name: Karleigh
Age: 20
Sex: female
location: Mofo, Ontario
Orientation: Lesbian
describe yourself in 5 words or less:
outgoing, crazy, independent, friendly, hardworking

[more about you!]
Are you a lover or a fighter? A lot of people say that I'm a fighter because I do tend to stand up for myself and don't let people walk all over me, but I honestly think I am a lover. I would rather have a great time with people then fight with everyone
5-10 bands/artists you love:
1) A perfect Circle
2) Our Lady Peace
3) Utada Hikaru
4) Modest Mouse
5) Coheed And Cambria
Top 5 Favorite Albums of all time:
1) Anti-christ Superstar - Marilyn Manson
2) Clumsy - Our Lady Peace
3) Mer De Noms - A Perfect Circle
4) eMotive - A Peferfect Circle
5) Good Apollo, I'm Burning Star IV - Coheed and Cambria
Favorite childhood toy: It would have to be those dolls that you could make pregnant and then not pregnant. I don't know I was obsessed with pregrant women as a child. I had issues haha.
5 things you can't live without: My computer and internet, yes pathetic but everything I have is on here. My pets, I love them to death and are the only things that have never made me feel like crap. My books, I love to read and it takes all my stress away. And last but not least it would have to be my family, even though sometimes we don't get along I love them always.
Celebrity Crushes: Yulia Volkova, tatu may be a horrible band and played people the lesbian card but that girl is beautiful and she takes my breath away.
Fav place of all time: England. Such a beautiful place that no one I know has seen. The buildings and just the atmosphere there is amazing, so calming and peaceful
What is your fave non-alcoholic drink? Grape soda, everyone says it tastes like medicine but I love it haha.
Song that always makes you sad? 3 libras by A perfect circle, It is my favourite song of all time but it makes me cry.

[Your Style]

Favorite style of underwear: anything that fits and it comfortable.
Favorite clothing brand/store(describe your style if you don't have a specific): I wear a lot of guys clothes from Randy River. Usually just some kind of baggy shirt and jeans. Nothing to flashy
Favorite sneakers/shoes: Vans, I love slip on vans. They have been the only thing I've worn for 2 years
Favorite Accessory: My labret, I am always changing the ball on it. That or my earrings.

[Pop Culture]
In which season of the "flavor of Love" did someone take a shit on the steps: I have no idea what Flavor of love is hahaha sorry maybe it is because I'm Canadian.. never heard of it
how many times has Britney Spears been to rehab within the last six months: She has been back three times I believe
Who is Perez Hilton?: www.perezhilton.com He is a guy that dishes out things on celebs
In what season of American Idol are we on?: Have no idea, can't stand the show... 8 or 9
how many original Pokemon are there: 150 + mew, thanks to my brother making me watch it all the time
How much does Nicole Richie weigh? under 100 pounds

what is the top selling car in Hawaii?: I have no idea.
If you could marry any celebrity who would it be and why? Yulia volkova because she is amazingly beautiful
DO YOU GIVE A DARN ABOUT THE OZONE? You know I did a huge project on the Kyoto proto call and honestly I couldn't care less now then I did before. I don't think there is anyway to fix it and there sure isn't anyway to do it with only a couple hundred people working on it.
whats your view on the usage of speedos in public places like the beach? Laughable. I never go the beach so I don't really care haha. I say if they have the guts to wear them then all the power to em.

[In depth]
Dont give us two sentence answers, please be alittle specific
Briefly explain why you belong here: Because it seems like a fun place to be. I am very active and love being apart of communities.
Do you think people understand you in general? I hope so. I try my hardest to explain myself to the fullest.
What do you want to accomplish in this life time? I want to go to Japan, it would make my day. I would also love to become a clinical psychologist.
What does the word faith mean to you? to believe in something whatever it may be. I honestly have no faith in anything, I believe in myself and people around me no higher power.

you must promote 5 times.
I will do this after I am accepted

Please post 5-100 pictures of yourself. They must be good quality, no overly made up, etc. And cannot reference being invited by a mod so you must automatically be special.

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