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Name • Lee
Age • Sixteen
Location • Washington
Sexual Pref • Straight.
Status • Taken ♥ Alyx ♥ 6 months

About Me • I'm a really social person who likes to hang out & have fun. I am really independant & learn from everything I go through in life. My boyfriend is my best friend & my dad is my hero. I love photography & am online way too much. I am the deffinition of a teenager.
What do I do on a normal basis • My day always consists of hanging out with my boyfriend, Alyx. We practically live together at each others houses. We always catch up with our friends, my boys. :) We tend to be stoners. :// lol. I eat when I can. I always straighten my hair, Ms. Shaggy, lol. Take pictures, lots of pictures. At least one a day if not 293874923874. lol.

Fav. Color • Yellow. :D
Fav. Show • CSI!

Pets •
• My Jack Russel Terrier is my very own & his name is Ookee. Hes my baby. He's about 2 years old. Hes really hyper, really friendly & hes my buddy. Hes ball-less butt follows me everywhere. :]
• My dad has the coolest cat in the world, his name is Jasper. I call him Jassy & he looks like a Simese but hes not, hes a non-standard Munchkin (Munchkins usually have short legs but he is non-standard so looks like a normal cat). The tempermant he has is very calm & he is a total lap cat. He talks a lot & I carry him around flopped over my shoulder. haha.

Passions •
• I've played Clarinet for 6 years now.
• I am a photographer & have a site called Adolescent Aspect.
When I pick up Jerimiah (the name of my camra), for once,I'm not
thinking about drama, I'm not thinking about my daily life, my rutine. My
soul focus is to find something beautiful in life, something worth my
time. It's something that I love, its myescape to something genuine, true,
&& unchanging. Unlike life, high school, drama, which is always changing.
My goal on a photo excursion is to find something so simple, yet so real,
&& make it appear beautiful.

Hopes • This summer I want to get some piercings done. All I have right now is my ears. :] (In this order.)

Madonna • Centre Tongue • Double Nostril • Centre Lip Ring • Reverse Navel • Bridge

Quotes •
• You may see me stumble but you'll never see me fall.
• The only regrets you should have in life are the chances you didn't take.
• In order to be irreplaceable you must always be different.

Random • I name my objects. :x
Phone : Smot Poking Petey
(Little) Camra : Crazy Cam Cassie
(SLR) Camra : Jerimiah
Computer : Davey

Pictures •

Promotion •

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