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I decided that for the week everything you can possibly get points for will be tripled. with a catch, all promos have to be unique (therefor no promo communities)

Unique promoting: 30 points(there is still a limit of 20 promos)
banners you make: 105 points(no limit)
text posts: 30
picture posts: 75
new topics/discussions: 150

and if there's anything I'm missing....I apologize...


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sorry i havent been posting guys i sincerely am... just dont have much time for myself with school work and my gf at the moment... im almost never home unless its to sleep...

i got a lot to write but i feel like i write too much negative things... so im just going to keep my life to myself at the moment

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im kinda falling in love... with my job...

i love developing pictures... i just wish it was closer to my house... it takes far too long to get to and from work...
ive been getting disposable cameras... and like taking pics... its so much better then digital... cuz with digital... pictures dont mean anything ... its a pic... if u dont like it... u erase it... but with 35mm there is no second chance... and pics are always a surprise... u never know how they come out til u develope them... its like idk lol

i get to develope them for free and i had an old disposable camera here and i just keep loading new film in it...

i swear... its way better then digital... not in the actual quality and usage... but in the experience

its hard to explain
virgin suicides

modding it up.

DISCLAIMER: I'm leaving this public so that anyone who comes to this journal may view it.

I'd like to know how familiar you guys are with the Westboro Baptist Church, an independent Baptist church (because the Baptists won't identify with them) made almost completely of one family. They're the reason behind,,,,,, and If the following websites don't outrage you, the information behind the cut will.


I never loved Michael Moore until right now.

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Be outraged. Be very outraged.

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soon i wont be the only guy here...


i get company...

heh awesome...

not saying that u lady's aren't awesome... heh

im just being stupid

besides... amy thinks im WAY too feminine -_-

so i woulda fit in perfect