rainbow go karts..

because we're awesome like that.

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For Applicants:
1. Honestly, we don't care if you think that you're pretty much the shit. The purpose of this application is for us to see if there is something that we like in YOU. Arrogance, being rude to members, and general narcissism are not welcome; you will automatically be banned.
2. The application is a chance for us to really get to know you, instead of following a generic category of questions that everyone has to answer. So tell us something real, amazing, and awesome about you. Tell us about your personality, your passions, your life. Everything and anything is welcome.
3. The age limit for this community is 16. The only way you may be allowed if you are younger than 16 is if you provide legitimate reasoning as to why we should allow you in this community.
4. Please refrain from posting nudity on your application.
5. The subject line of your application should be "go kart go". Lack of subject line, or the wrong subject line, will result in a warning, and then, if not followed up by immediate change, deletion of the application. You will also probably receive "no" votes for your inability to read the rules.
6. Refrain from pictures that only show half of your face, or where you're overly made up. We want to see pictures of YOU. Not your skills of painting on your face.
7. Answer all sway votes or we will count them as no's.
8. For the are you worthy? question, please put "I'm so worthy, I ride the rainbow go kart."

Friends only posting! You will have one week to post an application so go!

For Members:
1. We are operating as a community of people who would like to find people who are a lot like us, or who are not at all but who interest us. Therefore, we insist on tolerance towards people and their ideals. As long as they're not incredibly idiotic, stop being defensive and listen.
2. When making a post that is either incredibly long, or contains more than one picture, please use a cut. Don't know what a cut is? Try this: <*lj-cut* text=*whatever*>; just remove the asterisks.
3. When voting on an applicant, please put a vote of "no", "yes", or "sway". Unclear votes will not be counted.
4. If you're rude to other members, we'll ban you.
5. We want to provide support for our members. If you're not going to support your fellow community folk, please do not even bother being in this community.
6. Post! Be active! We'll have themes, superlatives, and activities for our members that will be updated each month, but for the most part, it's up to you. We want to know what's going on in your head, hear your stories, see your artwork, whatever.
7. You must cash in 100 points at the end of the month to stay. If you do not, you will be warned for the first month, and then kicked out in the second if you fail to do the punishment requirements..

Since no one can come up with their own application. we're going to help you out a bit.




still lazy, eh?

Pre-made application

The new points system can be found here. When you become a member, please reply to that post to start your points bin.


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